American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 1

Transcript 1Edit

  • Mickey Mouse: Hello, I'm Mickeysecrets and this is American Idol. Hi I'm Mickeysecrets, and here's the judges and we have Tony the tiger!
  • Tony the Tiger: Mickey!
  • Mickey Mouse: Yes!
  • Tony the Tiger: I ever seen the mouse! MOUSE!!!
  • Mickey Mouse: Peach Azrel!
  • Princess Peach: That's not my name!
  • Mickey Mouse: And we have Mario!
  • Mario: Hi!
  • Tony the Tiger: Mario!
  • Mario: What?
  • Tony the Tiger: Yay! Mario!
  • Mickey Mouse: OK! we have a 1st companer OK, Hot Potato! You get a 1st up!
  • Hot Potato: OK! Go in here!
  • Tony the Tiger: Hey, Potato!
  • Hot Potato: Hey!
  • Tony the Tiger: What are you gonna sing?
  • Hot Potato: I was singing "Hot Potato!"
  • Tony the Tiger: Yay! Mario!
  • Mario: What?
  • Tony the Tiger: Potato!
  • Hot Potato: Get your move on! OK, Tony

Lyrics 1Edit

Hot Potato


Hot Potato

Transcript 2Edit

Lyrics 2Edit

Get into the hollywood eye, hell i

Transcript 3Edit

  • Mario: Stop it
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: A dead racoon?!
  • Mario: OK! Peach! What did you get?
  • Princess Peach: Saying "Mind".
  • Tony the Tiger: Fuck yes!
  • Mario: Still not getting the hollywood.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Mario, be sad.
  • Mickey Mouse: How did you get in here?
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Like hollywood
  • Mickey Mouse: How did you get nose?
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Yeah! When I Hate 'em.
  • Mickey Mouse: Let's get into OK, Luigi, you're the next companer.
  • Luigi: I'm gonna sing songs.
  • Mickey Mouse: Get in here!
  • Luigi: OK, Hi Luigi! Hi Mario! Hi Peach!
  • Tony the Tiger: Luigi!
  • Luigi: What?
  • Tony the Tiger: You're Mario's brother.
  • Luigi: I know, I'm gonna sing a song. I'm Mario's Brother.
  • Tony the Tiger: Yay!
  • Luigi: Don't
  • Tony the Tiger: No!

Lyrics 3Edit

I am your brother you're free

You are my brother

Transcript 4Edit

  • Mario: Stop it!
  • Luigi: OK!
  • Mario: Tony, OK!
  • Tony the Tiger: Holy, hell no.
  • Mario: OK! Peach, your turn.
  • Princess Peach: That one go to hell.
  • Mario: OK! I say "No".
  • Luigi: Why, Tony.
  • Tony the Tiger: Luigi! Again!
  • Mickey Mouse: OK, companer Goofy.
  • Goofy: (dork)
  • Mickey Mouse: Yeah!
  • Goofy: (dork)
  • Mickey Mouse: Yeah!
  • Goofy: (glub)
  • Mickey Mouse: OK!
  • Goofy: (screams)
  • Mickey Mouse: OK! get on!
  • Goofy: Hey, people!
  • Mario: Hey, Goofy!
  • Goofy: Fartin'
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