Black Yoshi
Vital statistics
Name Black Yoshi
Gender Male
Friends Mario Jeffy
Nicknames Kool Aid In Da Hood
Hobbies Playing Xbox
First Appearance Yoshi's Cousin
Latest Appearance Black Yoshi's Mistake!
Portrayed By Lance Thirtyacre

Black Yoshi is one of the main characters in SuperMarioLogan. He is a portrayed as a black-equivalent of Yoshies with many stereotypes of African-Americans, most notably his accent. He lives in the same house as Mario. He is known for his obsession of Call of Duty, (up to the point of charging up Mario's credit card bill), his treasured gun, (which is an NES Zapper), and his long criminal record of murder. Despite this he can be soft-hearted on some occassions towards his friends including Mario, Red, Tyrone Calvin and a host of others. He is played by Logan.

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