Friends are



Taco Bell Chihauhua

Black Yoshi

Tony the Tiger


  • Mario: Hey, Shrek, could you please come in here real quick?
  • Shrek: Yes, donkey, what do you want on better or busy?
  • Mario: Please come in here real quick?
  • Shrek: I'm coming, donkey, mmm, donkey, I see an Oreo!
  • Mario: Don't eat it.
  • Shrek: What?
  • Mario: OK!, I'm doing this like experiment real quick?, OK!
  • Shrek: What's the experiment were on the test, donkey!
  • Mario: OK, I will find out all my friends eat an Oreo!, So, How to eat your Oreo!
  • Shrek: That's a very good question, donkey! First of all! I don't eat crap like this!
  • Mario: What do you mean!
  • Shrek: Well, donkey!, Look at it look between the cookies! There is white stuff, What is that? It looks like took 2 chocolate cookies and wacked off with it and bloomed out with between 2 chocolate cookies
  • Mario: What do you use?
  • Shrek: Well, Donkey, Speical Cookie, Donkey, This is a speical cookie
  • Mario: This is a Green stuff
  • Shrek: That is a speical crap!
  • Mario: Now Eat it!
  • Shrek: No, Donkey!
  • Mario: How to Eat your Oreo and Cheesecake?
  • Shrek: (shubbing the cheesecake) I'm during on this at Burger King
  • Mario: Where is Black Yoshi?
  • Woody: Hey, Mario!
  • Mario: What are you doing here? Woody!
  • Woody: I'm just weird!
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